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In the luxury bilingual edition (Bulgarian and English) with 24x33 cm format and

volume 232 pages included 80 of the most representative works of

the artist, as the careful selection was made by Adelina Fileva, director

of the Sofia City Art Gallery and Plamen V. Petrov, director of

Art Gallery - Kazanlak, which is also the author of the introductory studio. IN

The album also includes short memories of the artist from his contemporaries,

illustrating in a wonderful way his original talent.

In over half of the included works, Ivan Milev creates an attractive one

ornaments with golden bronze - reproduced exactly in the edition that

together with high-quality printing allows to achieve almost complete

aesthetic impact of the paintings as they are conceived and created

by the genius artist.

It is also worth noting the original format of the album cover, on

whose cover is printed detail of the painting Ahinora, and on the hard

turquoise cover (one of the artist's favorite colors) is applied

magnificent Giclée print of the whole picture made on 100% cotton

paper of archival museum quality.

In addition to the magnificent album of Ivan Milev, Sofia City

Art Gallery and Kazanlak Art Gallery in collaboration with

METHOD BOOKS offer to the most inspired fans of

the artist's work, a limited series of 100 unique Giclée

the real-life imprint of his two most popular works, Ahinora and

King Marco.

The limited prints are made on 100% archival cotton paper

Museum Etching and reproduce with extreme precision and clarity

the originals, in addition to the magnificent quality of

reproduction, the artist-restorer Ilinka Chergarova hand-painted

the numerous gold ornaments from the originals, thus transforming

each Giclée print in a completely identical copy. The limited series

unique prints will have a certificate of authenticity with serial number and

holographic sticker registered in the Hahnemühle Art Registry System.


    Луксозно издание с твърди корици

    Селекция на картините:

    Аделина Филева и Пламен В. Петров

    Встъпителен текст: Пламен В. Петров

    24х33 см., 232 стр., 2.0 кг.

    ISBN 978-619-90741-7-6

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